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Tired of doctors who only suggest drugs for your pain? Are you ready to try a new treatment for depression, headaches, or arthritis? Leaning towards more natural methods of fertility treatment and prenatal care? Transitioning your health care from traditional allopathic medicine to the gentle, safe and effective methods of Chinese medicine can mean taking in a lot of new information. In addition to information specific to Thomas Chinese Medicine on the FAQ page (link), the following sites offer excellent, up-to-date resources for learning about acupuncture that can answer your questions and inform you of the risks and benefits. The following testimonials also provide firsthand accounts of how Gwen Thomas has provided healing to patients.
"My son, who is an MD, suggested I try acupuncture for back pain. Regular visits to Gwen have enabled me to enjoy my retirement and continue an active lifestyle without constantly using pain medication. She is a miracle worker."
Frank L., St Pete Beach

"I had to stop ball room dancing when neuropathy made it impossible for me to feel my feet. After a few treatments with Gwen, I woke up one morning and felt the cold tile floor on my feet. She has given me my life back, and keeps me going at 91 years young."
Scotty F., St Petersburg

"Being under Gwen's care is a phenomenal experience. She takes a tremendous amount of time to listen to you about your health and concerns, applies her vast knowledge of herbs and acupuncture, and you leave feeling like a new person. Once, I went in with an inflamed herniated disc that used to take a week of pounding the anti-inflammatory drugs to heal. I was trying to conceive, so I didn't want to use any pharmaceutical substances. Thirty minutes on her table, and poof! The pain was gone, as if it had never been there. Twice, I went in specifically for infertility treatments and actually conceived after each treatment (oh, and I'm 40). She also teaches self-care regarding herbs and nutrition so you are more attuned to your body an empowered to make healthy decisions. I can't say enough, Chinese medicine with Gwen Thomas is a powerful addition to western medicine, and in many cases a much better alternative."
Julie R., Clearwater, FL

"As someone who suffers from fibromyalgia and sleep apnea (among other things), I have found that acupunture helps relax and ease my body in a way that nothing else ever has. Gwen Thomas has gentle, magical hands and a good heart, knowing exactly what my condition needs and creating an experience of healing."
Marsha P., Thornhill, TN

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Helpful Links 
An informative, interactive tutorial about acupuncture can be found here, as well as further explanations of the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
The National Institute for Health's research on alternative medicine provides comprehensive research about the effects of acupuncture as a treatment to certain conditions, such as fibromyalgia, knee osteoarthritis, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic lower back pain and pregnancy following an IVF.
A clear and concise overview about acupuncture can be found here, with some additional research included

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